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Archway Team Hard Working Good Buggers

Why we do what we do

  • We want to do business with people who believe in what we believe

  • We want to be surrounded in great people

  • We want to see our customers doing great

  • We want our customers customer to think well of them

  • We want to educate people into decisions

  • We don’t want to sell something to a farmer

  • We want to set a high standard

  • We are here for the long game not the quick sell

Our Embedded Values and Culture

  • Simple systems attract great people

  • There is always a better way

  • Average is not OK

  • If you think you shouldn’t don’t

  • A half ass is not a safe ass watch out for your mate’s ass

  • Hard working good buggers


The Team

“We all spend more time at work than you do at home, so you’ve got to love what you do and the people your doing it with”

MATT HODGSON - Managing Director

MATT HODGSON - Managing Director

Matt is from a very strong Dairy back ground originally from Whangarei. Recently back from the Kellogg Rural Leaders program at Lincoln, Matt is all about farming for the consumer. Matts process of thinking helps the farmer understand the simplicity of any new system, or how making an existing system more functional. Matt is a high performer, with a practical a solutions driven brain with a future driving approach for keeping in mind of the what end consumer wants their food produced and how. Big on family values and authenticity , hes really a big softy.

If Matt’s not on the tools with the lads, you will find him trawling the ocean for his next big fish on his boat “She’s gota Horse”

MOB | 021 432 241



From a strong Sheep & Beef farming background on the Mahia Peninsula, East Coast, Amanda has always had an infinity with the land and its animals. Amanda runs the financial and logistics side of the business after several years of agri business roles. Amanda loves the numbers, loves making process and systems easier and better for the lads, and loves the team that has been created around Archway Group. Working along side others to always be better, and looking after our people is what gets her out of bed in the mornings.

If Matt’s let her escape from the office for the day, you will most likely find her out hunting, Tally Ho!

MOB | 021 542 941



This gem has been with us since 2015. A bloody awesome team mate that all the lads love to have a chat with in their spare time. Part time working Monday - Thursday in the office Anna runs the show around here! Everyone needs an Anna on their team.

OFFICE | 07 5739883

chris CAIRns - Nelson

chris CAIRns - Nelson - hard working good bugger

In charge of the panel manufacture, Chris you can often hear before you see him! A cheerful chap that adds such a vibrancy to a sensational team. Loves his rugby league and outdoors. Currently building his first home with partner of three years!

CHRIS | 027 588 1313

Jan coetzee

Jan coetzee - hard working good bugger

From South Africa Jan has worked for us several times before and couldn’t resist so is back again! With a dairy farming and construction background Jan is an important member of the team. Also newly single and such a catch ladies!

jono murphy - projects & operations manager

jono murphy - projects & operations manager

Jono is our right hand man. With a background in engineering and project management Jono is an integral part of the team. Working closely with with Matt on farm and with the team on new innovation and design. Jono is always setting up the team of lads for a day of success.

MOB | 021 503 0270

Swayde morgan

Swayde morgan - hard working good bugger

We call him Mano, and he has been with us since he was 16. Grown into such an awesome, strong and reliable young man he is definitely part of the furniture around here! Every team needs a Mano, a true hard working good bugger.

darren denize

darren denize - hard working good bugger

Darren’s our concrete cutting man that moved down from Auckland for a better lifestyle and the opportunity to buy a property. Darren’s attention to detail on the job and in the factory is recongised with in the business.

AIDAN WEST - plant & production manager

AIDAN WEST - plant & production manager

Bringing the average age up, Aidan is the one that makes it all happen in the back ground. You wont often see Aidan on site, but he is the reason that everything happens so swiftly and succinctly. Aidan runs the manufacturing team and works closely with the site team.

MOB | 021 432 2030

rikki rowlands

rikki rowlands - hard working good bugger

Came to us from Surtees, when it comes to welding perfection this is the guy. Rikki came on board when we started with all our own in house fabrication several years ago. In fact all Rikki’s brothers have also worked for us at some point in time!


ED THRESHER - hard working good bugger

Our English import; the silent assassin. He doesn’t say much, but things just happen when Ed is around, coming from an experienced background and a wide skill set from all sorts of different industries.